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We are 509Fiber

The new way to fly-online.

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100 Mbps

$50/ month
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250 Mbps

$60/ month
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1000 Mbps

$75/ month

My story is much more than Internet

The Story

When I ask people what they think of when they have to call the TV, Internet, or cell phone company, nearly all tell me that they don't want to make the call, or they dread it. Some people say that they can't understand the person on the phone, and they don't understand the problem, or that the call is passed to several people.

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A simple Mission statement provided with dedication

"Providing affordable products with a focus on customer service"

who we are and why we are different
What makes us unique

There are many companies out there who want to sell you internet. What you get with 509Fiber is that you are a part of the family. Internet service is one piece of many services available through the parent company Just Ask Jimmy, and always at a significant discount. Most of our customers bundle several services and pay the absolute lowest, negotiated rate available.

We serve

Mattawa/Desert Aire
Soap Lake
Crescant Bar
Rock Island
East Wenatchee
and areas in between

Coming Soon: Chelan County

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What is a Megabit?

Data transmission is measured in bits. A bit is a one or a zero. Example 0110 is 4 bits. One megabit is one million digits of ones and zeros. Our package of 100 megabit service is the transfer rate of 100,000,000 digits of ones and zeros each second.

At that speed you can download a file of 31 Megabytes, like 10 songs from iTunes, in 1 second.